About Us

Manchester VPS is the VPS arm of its parent company, sysvinit Zone Ltd. sysvinit Zone is a technology company working at a high level with Linux in Data Centres, and which specialises in Linux based virtualisation solutions for business.  As a result of the virtualisation expertise within the company, developed over many years, it is a natural choice for the company to provide a VPS service, with a trading name of Manchester VPS.

We use the Linux Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) as our VPS platform, which we believe is simply the most exciting and versatile platform to run a virtual machine on today.  Additionally, we have developed our own Advanced VPS Control Panel which we think serves our customers’ needs much better than the usual CP offered by most VPS providers.

So why are we Manchester VPS?  Manchester is the thriving second city of the UK, and a fast growing technology centre, with a dozen or so excellent Data Centres. We strongly believe that a VPS company can offer the best service when it owns, operates and has physical access to its own equipment. As we are based on the outskirts of Manchester, we think we can offer a great VPS service, using our own equipment in Manchester Data Centres.

sysvinit Zone Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales. No. 15089218

Registered office address:
50 Cambridge Road
SK11 8JW

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