Monthly Archives: September 2014

Network outage Sept 28th

Sun Sept 28th 2014 – 16:50: Unfortunately the data centre we are in has just suffered a brief loss of network connectivity lasting about 5-10 mins. It was very brief so may not have been noticed but our monitoring detected it. We’d like to apologise to any customers affected. At the moment we don’t have any information from the DC as to what the cause was, but we are very pleased to see that they were able to resolve whatever it was so quickly. If we do get any information from them we’ll pass it on here on this post.

Lots of OS ISO images updated

We’re pleased to let everyone know we’ve been going through updating our OS ISO image collection the last couple of days to refresh some of them where newer versions are available. These are the ones we’ve updated:

Ubuntu 12.04.5 Precise Pangolin LTS Server (amd64 & i386)
Ubuntu 14.04.1 Trusty Tahr LTS Server (amd64 & i386)
Debian 6.0.10 Net Install CD (amd64 & i386)
Debian 7.6 DVD Set (amd64 & i386)
System Rescue CD 4.3.0

We’ve also added Desktop versions of Ubuntu 12 and 14, having previously only carried the Server versions, which is a great choice for those wanting to run a Desktop VPS, especially if you are unfamiliar with Linux:

Ubuntu 12.04.5 Precise Pangolin LTS Desktop (amd64 & i386)
Ubuntu 14.04.1 Trusty Tahr LTS Desktop (amd64 & i386)

We’ll be doing some more updating in the very near future, if there is a particular OS you’d like us to update sooner rather than later, or if there’s an OS you’d like us to add to the collection that we don’t already have, just let us know, we’ll almost certainly say yes. The full list of OS in the collection can be found here.