Monthly Archives: August 2014

Network Outage

Sat 23rd Aug 2014 11:16AM – Some VPS customers will currently be experiencing a lack of network connectivity to their VPS. We are investigating urgently and will update here as soon as we have further news.

Update 11:28AM – We have identified the cause of the issue and have raised a request with on site technicians at the Data Centre to help resolve the problem.

Update 11:34AM – We’d like to apologise to any customers affected by this, we expect to have this resolved very shortly.

Update 11:36AM – This issue has now been resolved and network connectivity has now resumed. Once again, we apologise for the inconvenience caused, a post mortem will follow shortly.

Network packet loss

The Data Centre we are in are this evening experiencing intermittent network issues. There have been two occasions this evening, once at around 18:15, and again at around¬† 20:55, where VPS users have seen varying levels of packet loss lasting between 2 – 4 minutes.¬† Rest assured the Data Centre have a team of network engineers aware of the issues and currently working to resolve them. We’d like to apologise to customers for the inconvenience caused. We will provide a further update in due course.

Update 22:45 – The network has been stable since the last incident at about 20:55. If we see any further incidents we’ll add a further update but, for now, all is looking fine.

Update Mon 11th Aug, 18:41 – The Data Centre have informed us that the packet loss yesterday was the result of a persistent DDoS attack against one of their other customers. The DC have managed to mitigate against the attack, and we have not seen any further packet loss since yesterday as a result.