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DDOS attack

Update 2: August 25th  2013 12:00 BST: We have been working with one of our upstream connectivity providers and with their help thankfully the situation is now under control, and normal connectivity has been restored. We apologise for the inconvenience that this incident will have no doubt caused for many of our customers.

Update 1: August 25th 2013 11:40 BST: We are currently experiencing a large inbound DDOS attack against one of our customers, which is affecting VPS connectivity for a large number of our customers, who will be seeing severe packet loss at the moment. If you are affected please bear with us while we deal with the incident.

Network issue

Update 3: June 17th 12:15 BST: The Data Centre have confirmed that the issue is resolved, and we can see that connectivity has been restored to the affected VPS. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused. Please raise a support ticket if you are still seeing connectivity issues with your VPS.

Update 2: June 17th 11:50 BST: The Data Centre inform us that work is taking place right now to get the situation resolved.

Update 1: June 17th 11:30 BST: We’ve detected a network issue which will be affecting network connectivity for many of our customers’ VPS, which the Data Centre have confirmed as an issue with one of their core switches.