Debian 6.0.8 net install ISO added

We have just added the net install ISO image to our collection, for the oldstable Debian 6.0.8 “squeeze” security update that was released yesterday. This allows anyone who still wishes to do a fresh install of Squeeze on their VPS to do so with the latest 6 release.

As you may know we are not keeping the full set of Debian 6 ISOs anymore, which are a set of 8 ISOs of around 30GB of size. This is because Debian highly recommends that people install the current Debian 7 stable “Wheezy” release instead, and we do keep the full set of ISOs for that release.  Debian will only continue to provide security updates for 6 until around May 2014.  However, if you do have a specific need to install Debian 6, the netinstall image will allow you to install the base OS, and you can then install whatever packages you need from inside the OS using apt-get.

You can read the release announcement for 6.0.8 here.

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