Delays creating new disks

Update 3: Sept 29th 19:00 BST: The backlog has been processed and new disk jobs are now all being processed within 30 seconds as normal.  Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience this will have caused some customers, and please raise a support ticket if you are still seeing any issues.

Update 2: Sept 29th 18:35 BST: The issue causing the problem has been resolved but we see a few disk jobs still waiting to be processed, which are now going through but taking longer than anticipated because of the load on the disk storage subsystems.

Update 1: Sept 29th 18:05 BST: There is currently an issue on our VPS Control Panel platform causing disk creation jobs to be delayed by up to 20 mins. We are working on resolving the issue causing the problem and then will be processing any backlog as quickly as possible.

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