Loss of service for some customers

We are currently aware that some customers’ VPS have stopped functioning. We are investigating urgently and will update here as soon as we have further information.

Update 06:22AM BST – We have identified the problem and are working hard to restore service for customers affected. Further updates will be posted when we have more information.

Update 06:44AM BST – Unfortunately we’ve had a failure of a RAID card on one of our VPS hosts. We have replaced the card with a new one but we are currently checking the drives to ensure there is no data loss. As soon as we care confident the drives are OK we will be able to restore service. We will keep this page updated.

Update 07:18AM BST – We are able to access the data on the drives and all looks fine, but we’d like to move the data to a fresh set of drives to be absolutely sure there is no further risk to customer data. We’re in the process of doing that and then will be able to restore service to affected customers on this particular VPS host. We will copy each VPS’ data in turn and will be able to restore service to each VPS in turn in this way.

Update 08:47AM BST – Unfortunately the process is taking longer than expected, please accept our apologies for the delay. At the moment we cannot give an ETA, but will continue to update on here.

Update 10:39AM BST – Unfortunately it turns out the drives were not as fine as they initially looked. We found significant corruption and despite all our efforts we have been unable to restore the data. We are devastated to inform customers on this particular VPS host that their VPS data is lost with no hope of recovery. The data was stored on a RAID 10 array of 4 x SAS disks connected to an enterprise level hardware raid card. When the card failed it caused irreversible destruction of data on all 4 disks. As we do not yet offer backups for our VPS services (as stated in our FAQs) there are no backups from which we can restore anything.  Affected customers will now find in the VPS Control Panel that they can start their VPS but they will need to create new fresh virtual drives for their VPS. We now ask affected customers to raise a support ticket with us if you need further assistance with anything. If you have backups of your VPS elsewhere, we will assist in any way we can to help you restore data to your VPS, please raise a ticket so that we can discuss. We can only offer a sincere and heartfelt apology for this dreadful incident. We are now reviewing our storage infrastructure and are going to double our efforts to put in place a backup solution so that customers can take regular backups of their VPS. We will announce when this is ready.

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