Planned maintenance Sunday 1st Dec 2AM – 4AM GMT

On Sunday December 1st, between 2AM – 4AM GMT, we will be performing essential OS updates on all of our VPS servers. During this window your VPS will be unavailable for up to 20 mins while the host server is rebooted. Before rebooting we will be sending each VPS an ACPI Shutdown signal. If you have configured your VPS to respond to this, it will start it’s shutdown procedure, and shutdown cleanly. If you would like help configuring your VPS to respond to this, please raise a support ticket and we will be happy to help.

We’d like to apologies in advance for any inconvenience caused by this essential work.

Update 3:22AM Sunday December 1st – Unfortunately we have had to back out of the the updates we had planned due to an unforeseen issue that arose while performing the update on the first server.

Update 3:07AM Monday December 2nd – We have postponed the planned updates again (see below).  Our sincere apologies for changing our plans yet again, but we are not ready yet, and we want to make sure the updates proceed as smoothly as possible, rather than risk service instability. Additionally, we have updated this post with an increased downtime period of 20 mins, instead of the previously advised 10 mins.

We are rescheduling the updates to take place tomorrow, on Tuesday December 3rd between 2AM – 4AM GMT.  Please note downtime to each VPS will be up to 20 mins.

Update 4:33AM Tuesday December 3rd – The above work has been completed successfully. All VPS have started. If you are experiencing any issues please raise a support ticket.

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