Centos 6.5 and Linux Mint 16 ISOs now available

We are a VPS company that strives to always have the latest operating systems available as soon as possible after release, so that our customers can benefit from uptodate installs.  On that note we’re very pleased to announce that we have added 32-bit and 64-bit installable ISOs for the just released Centos 6.5 and Linux Mint operating systems.  For Centos 6.5, as well as the standard DVD install ISOs, we’ve also added both the minimal and net install ISOs.

You can find the release announcement for Centos 6.5 here, and the release announcement for Linux Mint 16 here.

As always, if there is a particular operating system you’d like to see in our collection, whether you are a prospective customer thinking about joining us, or an existing customer, do not hesitate to suggest it, we will almost certainly say Yes!

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