VPS hosts emergency maintenance

We will be performing emergency maintenance tonight on all of our VPS servers to resolve a performance issue that has developed during the day today, as a result of a recent configuration change we made to all of our server RAID cards. As the change is resulting in severe disk performance issues at the moment it is critical that the work takes place as soon as possible. Unfortunately to resolve the issue and back out the config change we will need to reboot all of our VPS servers.  We will also be taking the opportunity to bring forward a planned update of the kernel and OS on our servers, due to some critical security updates that have recently become available.

The work will take place between 2AM and 4AM London time overnight tonight.  During that window each server and the VPS that are running on it will experience downtime of approximately 10 to 15 minutes as it is updated and rebooted.

Update 7th March 03:40AM – The work is now complete and all server  are back up and running. We are now going through each customer VPS to ensure that it has started up OK.  If you experience any problems and your VPS is not up and running within the next 20 mins, please raise a support ticket and we will look at the issue straight away.  We’d like to thank all customers for their patience and apologise for the short notice.

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