Centos 6.4 ISOs added

As Centos 6.4 was released today, we have refreshed our Centos 6 install ISOs to the new version, so that new installs of Centos 6 can take advantage of the latest version.

Upgrading from CentOS-4 or CentOS-5:

Centos recommends everyone run through a reinstall rather than attempt an inplace upgrade from CentOS-4 or CentOS-5.


Upgrading from CentOS-6.0 / 6.1 / 6.2 or 6.3

Unless you have edited your yum configs, a ‘yum update’ should move your¬†machine seamlessly from any previous CentOS-6.x release to CentOS-6.4

The Release Notes for CentOS-6.4 can be found on-line at :


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